History and Traditions

  • First and Finest Since 1910


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    Name: Delta Kappa Psi
    Founded: 1910
    Nickname: Delta
    Colors: Shades of Lavender

    Flower: Lavender Sweet Pea

    Motto: Power Through Understanding

    Classes commenced at the University of Redlands on September 30, 1909 under the direction of its first President, Jasper Newton Field.  Less than eight months later, on May 17, 1910, five of the twenty women enrolled at the fledgling University founded the first sorority on campus, Delta Kappa Psi.  Charter Members included Ruth (Bekins) Holt, Lois (Field) Clatworthy, Helen (Field) Webster, Harriet Stuart and Beatrice (Fessenden) Fowler.  
    Deltas have always been first.  Charter Member Ruth Holt, who served as the first Delta president, was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bekins who funded the building of Bekins Hall, the first dormitory on campus.  Two of President Field’s daughters, Lois and Helen Field, were among the five founding members of Delta.  In addition, one of the most admired women in Redlands history, Mrs. Elbert (Mary Kimberly) Shirk, daughter of Kimberly-Clark paper company co-founder John Alfred Kimberly, became one of the first Delta Patronesses on November 22, 1922.  Through the foresight and generosity of Mrs. Shirk, Redlands now benefits from Kimberly Crest House and Gardens and Prospect Park.

    Since its founding in 1910, Delta Kappa Psi has stood for true and broadminded womanhood, for loyalty to its members and its ideals.  The Delta Kappa Psi sorority of today is comprised of diverse and unique women who strive for excellence as individuals and as a sisterhood.  In addition to academic achievement, sorority members pride themselves on their involvement in athletics (both intercollegiate and intramural), the student leadership roles they assume, and the variety of campus clubs and organizations (academic, honorary and professional societies, political and social justice, service and religious) they actively support.

    Deltas serve as Community Directors and Community Assistants in Residence Life, as Admissions Hosts and as Peer Advisors and Tutors.  They are members of the Johnston Center, Mock Trial and Debate teams, and study abroad in Salzburg and other locations worldwide.  Deltas are represented in Omicron Delta Kappa, Motarboard, Maroon & Grey, SPURS, Greek Council, Judicial Council, and ASUR Senate.  The Dance Company, Cheerleading Squad, Choir, and Theatre Departments benefit from the talents Deltas possess.

    Deltas participate in a variety of ongoing campus-wide community service efforts and it was the Deltas who brought Body Image Awareness Week to the University of Redlands campus.