• 2020 Birthday Luncheon Message


    Dear Delta Sisters,


    Good afternoon my beautiful Delta Sisters.  For those who do not know me, my name is Holly Nolan and I am the Delta Kappa Psi Alumni Executive Council President.  I wanted to say a few words on this our 110th Birthday Luncheon date.  As you know, we should have been gathering in Glendale, California today for our annual luncheon.  But we had to cancel the event in the wake of the COVID 19 Global Pandemic and the Stay-At-Home Order in California.  While I am sad that I cannot be greeting you in person, I did want to take this opportunity to say a few words.


    I sincerely hope that you and your families are doing well during this unprecedented time.  I know it has not been easy for anyone, whether you suddenly have found yourself working from home, whether you are homeschooling your child or children, whether you have lost your job and are still waiting for benefits, whether your Semester was suddenly cut short and you found yourself doing on-line classes, whether your sports season was cut short or whether, God forbid, you have gotten sick or a family member or friend has gotten sick.  But one thing is for sure, everyone has been affected at some level.  I saw something recently that said we are all in the same storm, but not in the same boat.  That resonates with me, but what I know is that I have been thinking of everyone in this situation and praying that things will be better soon.  While I am not sure it is correct to say we will be back to “normal” soon, I do believe that we will be in a much better situation soon.  I wish you peace, comfort and strength as we move forward.


    I want to share a few words about our sorority.  The Lavender Light of Delta shines bright at the University of Redlands and beyond.  Our Chapters remain strong and vibrant.  


    I want to thank the Delta Chapter for their planning for the Luncheon and thank them for being so understanding as to why we had to cancel. 

    It has been a pleasure to serve as your Alumni President for the past two years.  The Executive Council does amazing things through your Dues Support:  Exec funds the Named Awards each year; Exec pays for our Initiate Members Seniors and a guest for the annual Mother Daughter Tea; allows us to support the IMs in several other areas, including supporting the activities planned by our Alumni Advisors.


    It takes many people to make the Alum Executive Council run and the Alum Chapters.  I want to recognize the Exec Council Officers and members that provide countless hours of time in supporting Delta:

    • President Elect – Ivy Scott
    • Vice President – Jody Stratton
    • Secretary – Brittney Simon Borbon
    • Treasurer – Luann Bangsund
    • Historian – Teri Grossman
    • Delta House Chair – Lori Hatfield
    • Ways & Means – Kelly Feeney
    • Webmaster – Heather Pescosolido Thomas
    • Young Alum Liaison – Justine Doyle and Allie Williams
    • Doings Editors – Anne Castagnaro and Elizabeth Hind


    Each of these ladies has made my job as President easy and I want to thank them for their service.


    I also want to thank Meigan Karraker who serves as Delta’s University Advisor.  Meigan provides great advice when needed to be sure we stay in good standing with the University.


    Our IMs are also blessed to have wonderful and dedicated Alumni Advisors: Katie Gaw; Janet Grenda; Lori Hatfield; Elizabeth Hind; Claudia Newton; and Cathy Schilling.  These ladies do amazing work and help guide the IMs in all things Delta and I cannot thank them enough for all they do.


    And last but not least, our Alumni stays strong through our 5 Alum Chapters throughout Southern California, led by these ladies:

    • Alpha Chapter President (Redlands area) – Kailey Hatfield-Odero
    • Delta Chapter President (Burbank/Pasadena/San Fernando Valley) – Teri Grossman
    • Kappa Chapter Co-Presidents (Orange County) – Kelly Feeny and Deborah Miller-Calvert
    • Omega Chapter President (San Diego) – Linda Simms
    • And Omega II – Rachel Cohn, Kathy Petrucci and Michelle Thompson


    Please consider joining an Alum Chapter in your area.  Our Alum Chapters are in charge of the Luncheon, Silent Auction and Raffle, Mother Daughter Tea and Homecoming and they are always looking for new members.  I have been part of an Alum Chapter for many years both in San Diego and Riverside Counties and I have made so many friends with Deltas both older and younger than me that has meant so much to me over the years.  We are a Sisterhood no matter our age or when we graduated. 


    I want to also thank the Fall and Spring IM Presidents, Madeline Huston and Brittany Dinkins and all of the IM Executive Council for all their hard work.


    In closing, I again want to thank you all for allowing me to serve at President for the past two years.  My last official duties will occur at our Executive Council Meeting at the end of May.  I will then officially turn the reins over to Ivy Scott who will take on the President role for the next two years.  I will remain on Exec Council as Past-President for another year, and I look forward to working with Ivy and the rest of Exec.


    May you remain safe and Delta strong as we maneuver through these times and know that we will be together again soon.  God Bless each of you and God Bless our Sorority.


    In Delta,

    Holly Nolan

    Alumnae Executive Council President